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The Association for Midwest Disadvantaged Youth

The Association for Midwest Disadvantaged Youth (AMDY) began in 1980 with the purpose of operating Camp Brim Shire. The foundation is an entirely all-volunteer effort and designated as a 501(c)3 foundation. Armed with $100, a handful of volunteers, a 40 acre parcel and a vision, Richard and Sherry Hashagen began their journey to bring Camp Brim Shire to life. They strove to create a fully ADA accessible camp to mid-Missouri youth and organizations.  

In July 1980, the first visitors arrived: a group of 13 Boy Scouts from Troop 271 of North St. Louis County. These scouts camped with very limited resources, but great enthusiasm for learning. Troop 271 still returns three times a year. Today we serve many from children to veterans from the nearby Missouri Veterans Home at our fully ADA accessible campus. 

Key to Camp Brim Shire and AMDY's success are the many volunteers who take time to make the Camp Brim Shire experience memorable. They include civic organizations, local businesses, students from Missouri University of Science & Technology, scouting groups, military personnel from Fort Leonard Wood and many others. 

Camp Brim Shire was designed, built and continues to be operated solely on donations. From 1980 to 1988 Brim Shire was totally free to all children and agencies. Today, the AMDY & Camp Brim Shire continue to operate with no paid employees yet due to increasing utilities and maintenance costs a minimal fee is assessed. All staff are volunteers and less than 4% of all funds are spent on administration costs.     

We invite you to visit our campus and learn more about AMDY and Camp Brim Shire where our dedication remains the same.

“Let no child be demeaned or have his/her wonder diminished because we are unsure of our commitment.”
              -AMDY Mission Statement

P.O. Box 423
St. James, MO 65559 

Phone: 573/699-4351